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Greenleaf going strong

Looking for something tasty? Running out of steam after a long late-night study session? This past week, Guilford’s cooperative coffee shop and bakery reopened! Located in the basement of Milner Hall, the Greenleaf is once again operating full service. Whether you’re hungry for a scone, a pumpkin spice latte, or a cappuccino, the little shop has something to help you. This year, the Greenleaf will also offer up coffee and snacks to hungry students where they study the most. Greenleaf’s second location in the Hege Library offers any student the caffeine boost they need to get through a tough study session.

Campus Involvement fair

With a fantastic turnout, Wednesday’s Campus Involvement Fair saw a wide host of Guilford clubs set up and show off what they had to offer. From The Guilfordian’s own blackout poetry table to the Guilford College Quidditch club’s giant hoops to Sustainability’s cupcake covered table, the fair offered something for any Guilford student. If you unfortunately had to miss the awesome afternoon,   you can still find information on many of the clubs who were there by going to the Student Government, Clubs, and Organizations page on the Guilford website.

Compliment page brightens day

“Start today with a positive thought!” reads the banner of the quickly growing Guilford Compliments Facebook page. The page lists a wonderful mix of positive comments from anonymous contributors around campus. The posts acknowledge kindness, recognize intelligence, and encourage people to stay true to themselves. Compliments come in through Facebook messages, so if you know someone who deserves some recognition, drop a message to the page. And when your day is feeling a little more negative than you’d like, log on to facebook.com/guilford.compliments and treat yourself to some positivity.

Sanders holds rally at Coliseum

Vermont Democrat Bernie Sanders will host a rally at Greensboro Coliseum Complex this Sunday. The rally will accommodate up to 5,000 people according to the News and Observer, and it marks one of his first major events in the state. The U.S. senator has been slowly gaining momentum with a groundswell of support from college-age voters. With a platform that relates to the everyday issues encountered by the working class, Sanders continues to gain ground on Hillary Clinton, the favorite for the Democratic nomination. For more information on the rally, visit the Greensboro Coliseum’s website at greensborocoliseum.com.