Street style: students share their fashion flair

Chelsea Yarborough, senior

Can you tell me a bit about your outfit?

I am wearing a top I got from Forever 21, a pair of high-waisted jean shorts from Carolina Thrift and my trusty green Docs. As for jewelry, I’m wearing the nameplate necklace my parents gave me for Christmas, a ring that was given to me by a friend and a pair of green earrings from Forever 21.

What influences your style? 

My mom and aunts, websites like Tumblr and Afropunk, different people I’ve met, shows and films like Sailor Moon, Jem and the Holograms, School Daze and A Different World, artists like Juliana Huxtable, Junglepussy, Beyoncé and the all-girl rap group Barf Troop. I listen to music when I dress. I feel that really influences how I put looks together.

Who are some favorite designers?

I love Alexander McQueen, Thierry Mugler and Yves Saint Laurent. I tend to go for designers that don’t try to sell me an overpriced version of something I could buy at Value Village.

How adventurous are you with fashion choices?

I really like to mix it up and try new things, but I tend to stick with what I know I like that works on my body. I love to go bold with makeup, especially lipstick, and I wear bright nail polish often.

James Rinearson, sophomore

Can you tell me a bit about your outfit?

I just threw some stuff together today. These are my older brother’s shoes that were sitting around the house. My jeans are Levi’s. I’ve had them for years now.  My T-shirt is from Urban Outfitters. Most of the time I wear really dark clothes because they are easy and because they match my hair, I guess.

What influences your style?

Being from New Jersey, I was always used to the weather changing throughout the day, so I still think about that when I’m getting dressed. I follow a couple fashion accounts on Instagram that give me ideas. One features high-end, Asian-influenced fashion in New York. Most of it is black, drape-y stuff.

What do you look for when shopping?

I like finding unique things that people wouldn’t normally get, like funny T-shirts or weird jackets. I try not to wear anything too outrageous. I got a pair of hippie pants in Mexico that I still haven’t yet worn in public. I try to get stuff that suits myself rather than imitating others, but if I do imitate, I adjust it to make it my own.


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