Keep an eye out for new P-Safe officers in the little red carts

As the new semester approaches midterms, changes are being made around the College. The latest has been two new Public Safety officers, firefighter and Captain of Station 18 James Midkiff and retired lieutenant of the Greensboro Police Department Lee Bostick.

“We had two vacancies available, so the entire process requires me sending in a request form to fill in those positions through Human Resources,” said Director of Public Safety Ronald Stowe. “In this case, it was Jane Fernandes who approved.”

When hiring new staff, Stowe looks for versatility and quick thinking. Most importantly, they have to help create an even better environment at Guilford and positively interact with the students.

“I went through many candidates that fit those characteristics, but the ones that I picked stood out to me,” said Stowe. “Midkiff was familiar with the College and Bostick is a longtime friend of mine. He has the experience of being a police officer and takes care of business and getting along with people all while he is on duty.”

Both officers are part-time, working an average of three days a week.

“The great thing about both of these guys is that we can use them to fill in,” said Stowe. “We plan to use them for some of everything. They cover some gaps, so you could see them here anytime.”

Midkiff chose to become a Public Safety officer because he was already very familiar with the school. He was always here when the fire alarm went off in any of the buildings.

“I decided to apply because every time I came over here I noticed that the staff was really professional,” said Midkiff. “I said, ‘Sure I’ll try it.’”

As of Feb. 20, Midkiff has been working to learn how to use 167 keys and how everything works in general.

Evidently, being a Public Safety officer is not just riding around in a little red cart.

“I personally have had a great experience with (Public Safety) and it is great to know that the school is always bringing new P-Safe officers,” said junior Donovan Duvall.