Cheap holiday gift ideas for the broke college student

Who says the more expensive the better?

The holidays are fast approaching and you have to get gifts for everyone in your life. What’s the problem with this? You are broke and in search of a way to make people in your life happy without your bank account hating you. The following are helpful ideas for those in that precarious predicament.

For those who are musically talented, crafting and performing a creative rendition of a song can show your love because you are willing to sound ridiculous for your loved one. A great song for this purpose is “Your Song” by Elton John.

If you are not musical in any way, purchase a book from a used book store and inscribe a heartfelt message inside that only you and that other person will understand. Gifted books have special meaning because it takes time to pick out one that the other person will enjoy. Anything from the Harry Potter series can be found cheaply nowadays and is easily the most entertaining series I have ever read.

For the movie fan in your life, you can gift a one-month Netflix subscription for only eight bucks. The myriad of choices on Netflix is something that anyone can enjoy, and once that month is over, that person can decide whether they want to continue the subscription.

Making a home-cooked meal doesn’t cost as much as going out to dinner and shows a great appreciation for your loved one. If a meal is too complicated, then bake a cake — a fun and messy experience for all parties involved.

For people who knit, giving a piece of handmade clothing is a classic way for people to show their love. This craft has been done for hundreds of years, so this gift idea is tried and tested. Yarn can be cheap, and you can make socks, hats, earmuffs and scarves, among many other things. My personal favorite knitted accessory? A nice woolen hat.

A box of chocolates with a handwritten letter inside is a great way to show someone how much you love them by giving them two treats in one.  Who doesn’t like chocolate and handwritten letters? Ogres, that’s who.

If none of these ideas work, then give the greatest gift of all: time with you.