CCE SGA hosts events for all students

The Center for Continuing Education Student Government Association is a great place to use your talents to enhance college life for all students and help the community.

The CCE SGA is an organization that addresses needs specific to adult students at Guilford, represents them to college administration and encourages their involvement in campus events. They provide an opportunity for students to establish friendships and a sense of community and belonging to Guilford College.

“Guilford provides an opportunity for the college experience for CCE students who may not otherwise have the opportunity,” said Yvette Bailey, president of the CCE SGA, via email. “Guilford affords us this opportunity for adults to have an adult student government association. That is to be commended.”

Adults are at different points in their lives, and have different needs than traditional students.
“(Adult students) face the challenge of having to juggle career, education and family,” said Bailey. “Some (who) are unemployed face the challenge of going to school with limited funds. They may be trying to change careers or get qualified for a better job.”

The CCE SGA helps adult students utilize vital resources such as Hege Library, the Learning Commons, computer labs, a lounge area in Hendricks Hall, and many scholarships for which only adult students qualify.
This organization is especially helpful to adults who are first generation college students because the CCE SGA consists of “people they can go to on their level to help them navigate the college system,” said Deborah Stephens, CCE SGA secretary.

Vivian Lutian, CCE SGA faculty advisor, serves as a liaison between students and faculty.
“Studies have shown that students that get involved in activities complete college,” said Lutian. “If students don’t feel connected, it makes it too easy for them to drop out. (The CCE SGA) is a way to really immerse yourself in the college experience.”

There are many new and exciting things happening within the group this year. The CCE SGA has upped recruitment, doubling its number of representatives.

“We use the quote, ‘Each One Reach One,’” said Bailey. “Our vision is to have each student reach out to another student.”

The CCE SGA is planning events for all students in an effort to bridge the gap between traditional and CCE students. There are plans for an amateur basketball game with traditional versus CCE students in the works, as well as a talent show in the spring.

“The SGA is like a family to me since I moved to North Carolina a year ago,” said Ben Nnodi, CCE SGA representative. “It has been helpful because I got to know who is in charge of what in the CCE department, so that if I have any issues I will know who to take it up with.”

To get involved, attend a CCE SGA meeting on the second Sunday of each month at 4 p.m. in Hendricks Hall, participate in any CCE function, or contact Bailey at [email protected]

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