Weather related

After the season of spring arrived, a blanket of pollen lingered over the campus of Guilford College leaving nothing untouched. The yellowish substance emerged on cars and was relentless in letting go. As footsteps of many sizes journeyed the paths to classrooms, plants in the state of fruitfulness multiplied. And although the bees appeared to be humming a melody and squirrels packed their cheeks with hidden finds, even if you were not an allergy sufferer there were days that felt as though if you sneezed you had the magical powers to make sunflowers appear.

But help arrived from the production of vegetation in April showers. As the weather forecast transitioned to days of rain something in the atmosphere was altered and the vibe inside and out embodied new characteristics. As the patter of rain drops cleansed the air you were able to inhale without fear of catching spring between your lips. Rainy days brought the desire to be less active outside but inside the walls of dorm rooms social media gained followers as pizza became a familiar aroma.

It is amazing the influence weather has on your day to day life. Of course in college as the semester approaches the end there is the flood of homework to do, a landslide of reading assignments, and a whirlwind of projects requiring attention. The frustration of teachers can be observed as their patience become shorter while assignments become longer.  Brains are in overdrive, speeding down the highway looking for the exit sign in bold letters that says SUMMER.

So as everyone embarks on the voyage of the semester ending that may lead to graduation, vacation or even summer school, remember that what you are feeling at this very moment may not be the result of sleep deprived nights, being overworked and unappreciated or the surprise assignment that somehow seems to always finds its way on the syllabus when you think everything is done… it may just be Weather Related.