News in Brief


Beijing is experiencing an “orange level” alert, meaning the amount of smog is so high that all major factories must be required to either shut down or reduce pollution. Over the past few weeks the city reached pollution readings 17 times what the World Health Organization considers safe. According to ThinkProgress, the smog has reached past Beijing and is affecting 23 cities across the country. The population of pink dolphins in and around could lose their habitat soon due to pollution, according to the Daily Mail.


Migrants heading into Greece are in for disappointment now that the country has constructed a fence along the Greek-Macedonian border. Several have already attacked police along the fence with stones, leaving 18 officers injuried, two with wounds severe enough to land them in the hospital according to The Guardian. Some migrants were then attacked by police with stun grenades and plastic bullets. Although there is no official count, the Red Cross treated 20 people with head injuries and breathing problems.


Seven years ago, Taofick Okoya could not find a black Barbie for his niece. Recently, his Queens of Africa and Naijia Princesses dolls have managed to outsell Barbie in Okoya’s native Nigeria. Today, they are among the most sold dolls in the country. Every month Okoya sells between 6,000 and 9,000 dolls for close to 4.5 pounds, or $7 each. Although the dolls are still unnaturally thin, as Okoya claims more realistically depicted dolls did not sell as well according to Independent, they have still been great for young Nigerian girls’ self esteem.

United States

One officer and two civilians were killed in a shooting at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado. The man accused of the attack is being charged with first-degree murder. According to CNN, the suspect spoke about “baby parts”, leading police to believe he killed three and wounded nine as a way of advocating pro-life beliefs. The clinic at which this took place does not perform abortion. Politicians are calling it an act of domestic terrorism, whether pro-life or pro-choice. Certain extremists are hailing the shooter as a hero.