News in Brief

California, USA
Scientists have discovered a new planet, which is only one third of the size of the solar system’s smallest planet, Mercury. The discovery of planet Kepler-37b has been evolving over the course of four years as astrologists watched the light patterns of the planet via the Kepler telescope. Measurement of the planet’s size is conducted by comparing the light blocked by the planet on the star it orbits. The size of the star is calculated by measuring the sound waves emitted by the star’s inner activity, allowing the relative size of its orbiting planet to be determined.

A meteor approximately 55 feet wide pummeled into the earth on Feb. 15., landing in Russia’s city of Chelyabinsk. The space rock’s resulting explosion left more than 1,000 people injured and its impact, measured at 500 kilotons, blew out window glass in buildings across the country.

Brussels, Belgium
A band of thieves overtook airport security as a Swiss Lufthansa-owned airplane was boarding for takeoff. The thieves successfully stole $50 million worth of uncut diamonds and have been the subject of a Europe-wide manhunt since. Experts say that tracing uncut diamonds is nearly impossible and that the thieves may remain uncaught and unpunished. No one was injured in the robbery.

Mississippi, USA
Mississippi discovered an oversight in its paperwork: it had never formally abolished slavery. On Monday, the documentation was revised and approved, officially binding the state to the Thirteenth Amendment 148 years after its original ratification.