News in Brief

Nablus, West Bank, Palestine
Women in the West Bank have been receiving sperm in mysterious ways from their incarcerated husbands serving time for terrorism convictions. The illegally smuggled sperm can stay viable for up to 48 hours in any container if kept at room temperature, and is being used by the wives for self-impregnation. The women claim that, because marriage is for life, they still deserve the right to bear children despite their husbands’ legal statuses.

On the fifth anniversary of a national apology to indigenous peoples for their brutal eviction from their native lands, the Australian government unanimously passed a bill acknowledging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as the first inhabitants of the region.

Fifteen-year-old girls across the globe were tested for their aptitude in the sciences. Out of 65 countries, Jordan scored amongst the highest, while the U.S. scored lowest in the world. Boys in the U.S. are now more highly ranked in science than girls, whereas, in the rest of the world, girls outscore boys at record numbers.

Washington D.C., USA
President Obama delivered the first State of the Union of his second term on Feb. 12, citing current issues facing U.S. citizens. Notably, Obama recommended raising the minimum wage to nine dollars per hour, reiterated the importance of combating climate change and promoted equal rights, protection for women and gays as well as gun control reform.