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Proud Boys in Pittsboro (2019 Oct) by Anthony Crider is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Proud Boys: prosecution is not enough

Emma English, Staff Writer February 11, 2021

On Jan. 29, the first federal conspiracy charges were filed against Proud Boy members William Pepe and Dominic Pezzola for their participation in the insurrection at the Capitol. They were indicted on...

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Hopes and concerns with Supreme Court’s review of atrocious “Remain in Mexico” policy

Francisco Montenegro, Opinion Editor October 30, 2020

Over the four years of his tumultuous reign over the United States, Donald Trump and his administration have made a plethora of controversial decisions regarding Hispanic immigrants. Among a laundry...

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Time of panic requires clarity of news

Pierson Kye, Staff Writer May 14, 2020

Things change. Life happens. Not everything goes according to plan. Originally, my next piece in The Guilfordian would have been an op-ed about the bell that rings every hour and can be heard all across...

Migrants seeking asylum in U.S.A

Thousands of migrants seek asylum in U.S.

Roman Raies, World and Nation Editor March 15, 2019

In February, there were more migrants who were apprehended or turned themselves in to authorities in order to apply for asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border than there have been in 12 years. A Department...

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World leaders need commitment to truth

Elliott Rodden, Staff Writer November 30, 2018

Obviously, everyone believes that those around them, especially the president, should tell the truth. But not everyone tells the truth, therefore making it the job of the people and the media to determine...

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Khashoggi killed by Saudi Crown Prince

DaeQuan Fitzgerald, Editor-in-Chief November 30, 2018

“We have nothing to hide.” This is what Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman told Bloomberg News following last month’s murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Prince Mohammed, alongside his...

Democrats must utilize their Midterms success

Democrats must utilize their Midterms success

Roman Raies, World and Nation Editor November 16, 2018

There was a blue wave, but it was no tsunami. Democrats won a majority in the U.S. House, but with continued Republican majority in the Senate, and a Republican Supreme Court. Midterm elections are often...

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Trump pushes America away from global relations

Delaney Martin, Staff Writer November 2, 2018

Since his campaign days, President Donald Trump has been very clear about one thing: in his mind, America always comes first. He has stated that we are the greatest nation in the world on numerous occasions...

Ayesha Tahirkheli Headshot

Swift shares political views

Ayesha Tarhirkheli, Staff Writer November 2, 2018

The midterm elections are approaching. Millions of people are registering to vote while others are encouraging people to vote in one of the biggest elections in modern times. From celebrity endorsements...

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