The Guilfordian

Homicide rates rise for trans women

Harris Billings, Staff Writer

October 30, 2015

On Oct. 15, transgender woman Zella Ziona was shot and killed in Montgomery Village, Maryland. Since the start of 2015, 21 transgender women have been the victims of homicide. This is already significantly more than last year’s 14 homicides. “People don’t just end up dead,” said LGTBQQA...

Trans women deserve equality in education

William Burton, Staff Writer

April 17, 2015

“In trans women’s eyes, I see a wisdom that can only come from having to fight for your right to be recognized as female, a raw strength that only comes from unabashedly asserting your right to be feminine in an inhospitable world,” says Julia Serano in her book “The Whipping Girl: A Transsexual...