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Student presentation impresses community

Meghana Iragavarapu, Features Editor

September 30, 2016

“I came to the United States when I was 15 years old to a boarding school in New York,” said sophomore  and Bonner scholar Hadis Daqiq. Leaving behind her family, friends and rigid culture in Afghanistan, Daqiq empowered herself as a woman. During the summers (in the United States), I attended...

Elections in Afghanistan cause for cautious optimism

Elections in Afghanistan cause for cautious optimism

Ian Penny, Staff Writer

April 18, 2014

Fifty-eight. That is roughly the percentage of eligible voters who showed up to the polls across the nation of Afghanistan on April 5. “Despite Taliban threats to attack polling stations nationwide, the same percentage of Afghans turned out to vote  as did Americans in the 2012 U.S. presidential...

Activist of the century uses pen, ink to make change

Activist of the century uses pen, ink to make change

Brent Eisenbarth, Staff Writer

November 1, 2013

A flash of light engulfed the school bus when the Taliban shot Malala Yousafzai. Fired at point blank, the bullet ricocheted off a cupped portion of Malala’s skull. Malala was saved. But what could a 16-year-old girl have done to instigate a death order from the Taliban? In 2009, the BBC began...

Eighteen years after fleeing country, Indian activist murdered in Afghanistan

Lek Siu and Christianna Van Dalsen, Staff Writer

September 20, 2013

The Taliban is the leading suspect in the investigation into the murder of Indian author and activist Sushmita Banerjee. Banerjee’s husband and family members were tied up by attackers as Banerjee was dragged out of her house on the night of Sept. 4 in Kharana, Afghanistan. Police report that Banerjee,...

Pakistan’s election fever heated as Taliban commit numerous suicide bombings

Christianna Van Dalsen, Staff Writer

April 26, 2013

Pakistan has election fever. A crumbling economy, due to the energy crisis and the currently ostracized government, is turning up the heat as the election next month draws near. The most pressing issue in the election remains the violent actions of the Pakistani Taliban, who have been rebelling against...

News in Brief

Catherine Schurz, World and Nation Editor

September 21, 2012

New York City, USA The one-year anniversary of the well-known Occupy Movement, which began as an attempt to gain support for the 99% of Americans who fall below the upper-middle-class line, is being celebrated with great enthusiasm. Protestors are taking to the streets once again and already clas...

U.S., Afghans, Taliban begin peace talks

Alex Lindberg

February 10, 2012

In the past decade, war and civil unrest in the Middle East have raged on. However, just this week, officials from the United States, Afghanistan and the Taliban began holding meetings in hopes of  putting an end to the violence in Afghanistan. These initial talks focused on building confidence and...

Taliban leader allegedly killed in U.S. drone attack

Aaron Hall, Staff Writer

January 27, 2012

Pakistani officials state that intercepted Taliban communications indicate that their leader may have been killed in a U.S. drone strike, on Jan. 12. Taliban officials have denied the claim. According to the New York Times, Pakistani intelligence officials are reporting that they  intercepted...