News in Brief

New York City, USA

The one-year anniversary of the well-known Occupy Movement, which began as an attempt to gain support for the 99% of Americans who fall below the upper-middle-class line, is being celebrated with great enthusiasm. Protestors are taking to the streets once again and already clashing in violent ways with New York police officials.


Georgia, USA

After months of public scrutiny, the popular fast- food chain Chick-fil-A has vowed to stop donating any funding to anti-gay or other organizations rooted in hate.



The last remaining crime boss of Colombia has been captured and is now in police custody.  Authorities found more than $29 million and 17 million euros in cash stashed in the criminal’s two homes. President Juan Manuel Santos was honored for having conducted the “biggest drug-money seizure operation in the country’s history,” according to the South American Defense Minister.



The Taliban issued a formal threat against Prince Harry of the United Kingdom, suggesting that he is a target for assassination. The Prince was deployed to Afghanistan last week to serve his country’s military, now with an intimidating target pinned to his back.