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DJ Asa Massie ‘24  hosting a show on 90.9 FM.

Guilford College’s hidden gem: WQFS 90.9 FM

Corby Brooke, Staff Writer March 4, 2021

Are you a playlist guru? A music master yearning to share your favorite tunes? Join WQFS, or W Quaker Friends School, 90.9 FM radio station!  The radio station is a hidden gem. While hundreds of Greensboro...

Radio host talks about show, “Bonjour Chanson”

Yunah Kim, Staff Writer April 6, 2018

“Welcome to Bonjour Chanson,” said radio show host Charles Spira in one of his most recent episodes of “Bonjour Chanson.” “In this episode, we will focus on Francophone songs from today. The...

Guilford’s taste in music is just downright eclectic

Guilford’s taste in music is just downright eclectic

Chloe Lindeman, Staff Writer February 8, 2013

Music could not occupy a more important role for Guilford. Shows at the Greenleaf and in downtown Greensboro, Guilford’s radio station WQFS, music department performances and even impromptu jam sessions...

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