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Finding sense of place brings strength, peace, wholeness

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Elanna Reber, Staff Writer

December 27, 2019

“One of our biggest that we live so much in language and so much in a mediated world of electronic media and print media... all of which tends to distance us from our connection with the natural world. Getting to that sense beyond language is not only healthy for personal spiritual...

Quakerism in the Guilford woods: past and present

Quakerism in the Guilford woods: past and present

Paige Abbott, Staff Writer

October 12, 2019

When asked about the Guilford woods, students appear to have a variety of opinionated responses. Many complain about the bugs, the walk or the heat. Others love the serenity or appreciate the dense history of the trails. Yet, one underlying factor connects all of the reasons to love the Guilford woods. ...

Guilford celebrates World Quaker Day in Founders

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Jhanna Vasser, Staff Writer

October 27, 2017

“Lets begin with a moment of silence,” said Director of Friends Center Wes Daniels. On Oct. 2, 2017, members of QLSP and the greater Guilford College community, gathered in the Gilmer room of Founders Hall for the World Quaker Day Panel. “We wanted to highlight some of the global aspects...

Vanessa Julye speaks about racism and Quakerism

Sonia McLamb and Hannah Shoemaker

November 11, 2016

It began with a moment of silence, a Quaker tradition of a period of thoughtful contemplation signifying respect. On Wednesday, Nov. 2, New Garden Friends Meeting held the annual J.M. Ward Distinguished Quaker Visitor Lecture, an event that the meeting has organized for over 30 years. The lecture is...

Flagpole: here to stay, but only for specific events

Flagpole: here to stay, but only for specific events

Francesca Quigley, Staff Writer

September 11, 2015

You may have noticed that there’s a new flagpole on Guilford’s campus by Armfield Athletic Center and want to know why. The flagpole was originally erected in order to ensure that the flag would be properly displayed at the beginning of athletic games. Now, some community members are suggesting ...

Friends Center welcomes C. Wess Daniels

William Burton, Staff Writer

April 24, 2015

“The Friends Center was established to help Guilford College maintain a meaningful contemporary Quaker identity,” said Max Carter, William R. Rogers Director of Friends Center and adjunct professor of religious studies. In July, Friends Center  will have a new Director: C. Wess Daniels. This...

Friends Center searches for new director

Friends Center searches for new director

Corbin Barwick, Staff Writer

April 3, 2015

Guilford has officially begun introducing the proposed candidates for the position of director of the William R. Rogers Friends Center to the College. According to IFP Gifts Discernment Coordinator Frank Massey, Guilford has narrowed it down from six applications on file for candidates for the job...

Letter to the Editor: Core values should be reflected in salary equality

Cheryl Snider Bridges, M.Div., Guest Writer

February 27, 2015

As a former full-time employee, a current adjunct faculty member at Guilford College and as a Quaker, I love the ethos at Guilford. It’s a place founded on the belief that all people have the right to express their voices and can expect to be heard. It is a community where gifts and shortcomings alike...

GOOFORDIAN: Quakerism now the #1 world religion, Max Carter leads the masses

GOOFORDIAN: Quakerism now the #1 world religion, Max Carter leads the masses

Jamie Luckhaus, Staff Writer

March 29, 2013

Disclaimer: This story is a part of our April Fool's edition, The Goofordian. This story was created by Guilfordian staff and is not based in fact. Silence is the new international trend as prominent religious world figure Max Carter leads the now most-practiced religion on earth: Quakerism. Also known as...