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Will we heal with the Build Back Better Act?

Miles Kirkpatrick, Staff Writer November 12, 2021

There are approximately 10 million unfilled jobs right now in the United States, which is indicative of the labor shortage wreaking havoc on the economy. The causes for this labor shortage are numerous...

The $15 minimum wage delayed

Lillian Cadwallader, Staff Writer March 11, 2021

For many working Americans, one of the most enticing promises that President Biden made during his 2020 campaign was a call for the minimum wage to be raised to $15. It looked like this promise would come...

Student debt relief is the responsible course of action

Nolan Ross, Staff Writer March 4, 2021

During a Milwaukee town hall on Feb. 16, 2021, President Joe Biden put the kibosh on a Chuck Schumer-Elizabeth Warren sponsored proposal to cancel up to $50,000 in student debt for students who took federal...

President Joe Biden has been responsible for reverting several of the Trump administration’s actions over his short period as president so far.

Biden administration moves to rejoin United Nations Human Rights Council

Reece Clark, Staff Writer February 20, 2021

With President Joe Biden in office, many of the Trump administration's changes are now being reversed, such as the decision to leave the United Nations Human Rights Council. This choice was initially made...

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris both don masks out of respect for healthcare workers and safety regulations, a stark contrast to previous leadership under Donald Trump.

What Biden’s Presidency means for healthcare workers

Habin Hwang, Staff Writer February 4, 2021

It’s 8 a.m. College students and teachers alike log onto Zoom for their morning classes, rubbing the sleep out of their eyes. Those with other morning responsibilities race the clock to get dressed for...

Newly elected President Joe Biden signs an executive order on Jan. 25, 2021.

Biden dives into work during his first week

Juliana Hubbard, Staff Writer February 4, 2021

After his inauguration on Wednesday, Jan. 20, President Joe Biden wasted no time getting to work, signing 17 executive orders on his first day, many of which will directly impact our community. According...

$15 minimum wage is a change long overdue

Dazmyn Gaymon, Staff Writer February 4, 2021

While the cost of living in the United States continues to rise, the minimum wage in several states has stayed remarkably low at $7.25 an hour. However, there may be a change soon to come, as President...

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