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Why you need ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ right now

Saber Chadili, Staff Writer

May 21, 2020

What’s better than cute talking animals, adorable furniture, stylish clothes, non-stressful game play and online multiplayer possibilities? Nothing -- and  “Animal Crossing” has all of that and then some.  This popular life-simulation game was introduced to the world on April 14, 2001, an...

Staying social at a distance screenshot-JPEG

Jade Dalton, Staff Writer

May 19, 2020

A lot of people have been having trouble socially distancing themselves during the quarantine. Not being able to go out and see your friends and enjoy yourself can be hard, but what about the people who don’t normally go out?  For the most part people are social animals; they need to talk to other pe...

What in the World Wide Web is going on with our Internet?

Alayna Bradley, Staff Writer

October 26, 2012

Almost every student at Guilford has experienced this: You go onto your computer late Sunday night, hoping to finish the homework you have been putting off all weekend. You open your browser and nothing loads. You refresh, and nothing loads. Finally, you go up to your network settings, and you realize...