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Early lacrosse games were played with upwards of 1,000 players and were played on fields with no boundaries.

Lacrosse makes its Olympic debut, but the game’s creators may not participate

Maggie Bryson, Staff Writer November 3, 2023

Lacrosse, also known as the “Creator’s game”, has officially been added to the slate of sports competing in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games over 9 centuries after its inception. However, the creators...

A statue of the five Olympic Rings.

Olympics doping incident incites controversy

Maria Guerrero Hernandez, Staff Writer February 26, 2022

The 2022 Winter Olympics have finally arrived and are being hosted in Beijing, China. Thousands of athletes have gone to show off their skills with the hope of winning a medal for their countries. These...

Boycotting Beijing: How should we respond to China hosting the Olympics?

Miles Kirkpatrick, Staff Writer February 5, 2022

No international event is immune to controversy, and the Olympics are certainly no exception. The games have always had a reputation for high-profile hosting scandals, from the Russian anti-LGBT laws signed...

BHM centers discussion around marginalization

BHM centers discussion around marginalization

February 16, 2018

Guilford hit the ground running this February with a resplendent display of diverse performances, prose and pageantry with the Black History Month Kickoff event, running the slogan, “For the Culture.”...

Nelson Bobb talks at the press conference announcing him being named the interim director of athletics on September 6, 2017 on the Guilford College campus. //Photo courtesy Guilford Athletics/

Nelson Bobb opens up on personal life

Dominique Henderson, Staff Writer October 27, 2017

This September, the Guilford College Athletic Department introduced Nelson Bobb as the interim director of athletics, a revered name in the community thanks to his record 26-year Hall of Fame-worthy career...

US Olympic teams bring gold back from Rio

Praveena Somasundaram, Staff Writer September 2, 2016

The world is still speechless. Although the Rio Olympics are over, the athletes definitely made their mark in history and in the hearts of spectators. After two weeks of exhilarating competition,...

Athletes faced with adversity in Sochi, come out strong

Kinsey Danzis, Staff Writer March 7, 2014

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics concluded, as Americans returned home with nine gold, seven silver and 12 bronze medals, placing fourth overall. Praise for our athletes abounds, but of the complaints,...

Russia’s gay propaganda ban raises questions about Olympics

Valeria Sosa, Staff Writer September 6, 2013

The Winter Olympics in Sochi are still some months away, but they are already causing international outrage. The Games themselves aren’t the source of the problem. Russia is. Last month, Russian...

Paralympian Pistorius kills girlfriend in South Africa

Rishab Revankar, Staff Writer March 1, 2013

Pretoria, South Africa. Feb. 14, 3:20 a.m.: legendary Paralympian Oscar Pistorius shot and killed celebrity-model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. The prosecution alleges it was murder in cold blood, but Pistorius...

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