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Studies show coffee may have health benefits

Annette Varghese, Staff Writer

February 8, 2019

Have a cup of joe, it could save your life. Recent studies have shown that coffee may lead to long term health benefits. According to Dr. Robert H Shmerling of Harvard Health Publishing, coffee consumption is linked to decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks and strokes. In...

Pete Sangimino teaches Tai Chi at Guilford

Pete Sangimino teaches Tai Chi at Guilford

Jasmin Whitsett, Staff Writer

October 27, 2017

This year, Guilford College welcomed new faculty member Pete Sangimino, who is filling in as a part-time Tai Chi instructor for Michelle Carter. Tai Chi is known for its health benefits and helps maintain strength and flexibility. It is a form of meditation which helps with stress and promotes serenity....