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Loneliness at (and away from) Guilford

Students walk across Guilford's quad in September 2019.

Akeba Bebley-Calvin and Dazmyn Spencer, Staff Writers

May 19, 2020

Does having a smaller campus equal more opportunities to be social and less isolated? Guilford College is often praised for its size and how it creates a sense of community among students, staff and faculty. Community is also one of the seven core values at Guilford. However, some members of the community...

Staff Editorial: Clubs enhance college experience

Staff Editorial: Clubs enhance college experience

September 22, 2017

As students, we understand that academics are a top priority, but certainly they certainly do not make up the full college experience. A student taking 16 credit hours in a semester is expected to dedicated 48 hours of their week to classwork and outside, leaving 120 hours (minus sleep and eating, of...

Desensitization nation: The power of acknowledgment

Josh Ballard, Social Justice Editor

September 27, 2013

Last week I tortured a man in an abandoned warehouse. The whole ordeal was oddly amusing. Before you report me to the authorities, let it be known that this was all taking place in the world of “Grand Theft Auto V.” As I was running and gunning through an imaginary land, I thought about...