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Russia’s gay propaganda ban raises questions about Olympics

September 6, 2013

The Winter Olympics in Sochi are still some months away, but they are already causing international outrage. The Games themselves aren’t the source of the problem. Russia is. Last month, Russian...

News in Brief

March 1, 2013

SPAIN As part of Coca-Cola’s “Share Happiness” advertising campaign, the company installed ATMs that dispense free money throughout Spain. Recognizing the country is amidst a recession, Coca-Cola...

Outside the lines: a reflection on Bayard Rustin’s life and work

February 8, 2013

Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, A. Philip Randolph, W.E.B. Du Bois, Booker T. Washington. Every year, we celebrate these civil rights leaders who were courageous enough to look oppression in the...

Obama’s 2013 Inaugural Address, Interpreted
February 8, 2013

To what extent do words matter? This was a question many Americans asked after President Obama’s second inaugural address, delivered on January 20. The speech celebrated the U.S. and its history,...

News in Brief

News in Brief
February 8, 2013

  London, UK The skeleton of King Richard III was discovered beneath a parking lot in Leicester. Scientists found 10 injuries on the body, including fatal wounds from a battle in 1485. The skeleton...

Germany passes landmark bill for gay rights

August 31, 2012

A new dawn for Germany has come in the form of a revolutionary tax exemption that gives homosexual couples the same tax rates as heterosexuals. The bill was created on Aug. 8 and has granted more rights...

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