The Guilfordian

Florence damages affect NC hog farms

Yunah Kim and Abigail AbantoHollans

September 21, 2018

Hurricane Florence’s recent impact of heavy winds and rainfall on the east coast, particularly in North Carolina, has reignited discussion of the mechanisms of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation farming and the environmental impacts CAFO farms project when combined with weather events like Florence. “As...

Tropical Storm Erika rocks island of Dominica

Anthony Pasquale, Staff Writer

September 11, 2015

It is hurricane season. For some, this may mean nothing. For others, this is the scariest time of the year. Within eight hours your living situation can change. Your community may never recover. This all recently happened in the Dominica. On Aug. 28, tropical Storm Erika’s path was heading...

Floods in Accra, Ghana lead to explosion that kills hundreds

Caleb Amstutz, Staff Writer

September 4, 2015

On June 3, an explosion rocked a busy suburb in Accra, the capital of Ghana and an area where Guilford College hosts a study abroad program. Officials still do not know how many people died because bodies were burned beyond recognition and many were washed out to sea. Rough estimates conclude that...