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U.S. teen dons a qipao, a traditional Chinese dress as a “prom dress.”

Avoiding cultural appropriation: Why you shouldn’t wear a kimono during Lunar New Year

Habin Hwang, Staff Writer February 20, 2021

Before groups such as BTS entered the modern media scene, Korea was as foreign of a nation as Oz to most individuals across America. Samsung was known as a “Chinese phone brand” among westerners, and...

Cultural appropriation evident from pop stars

Cultural appropriation evident from pop stars

Mei Lander , Staff Writer March 15, 2019

Pop star Ariana Grande has been stirring controversy over accusations of her being culturally appropriative. Many have raised concerns that Grande is taking aspects of other cultures and gaining undeserved...

Cultural appropriation is dangerous, harmful

Clare Forrister, Opinion Editor March 25, 2016

For Guilford students who do not understand cultural appropriation: look no further than your own dorm room. The average Guilford student has at least one object or habit that, whether they realize...

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