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Queen Elizabeth II has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

After evading the virus for two years, Queen Elizabeth diagnosed with COVID-19

Sabrina Lavine, Staff Writer March 5, 2022

On Feb. 20, Queen Elizabeth II was diagnosed with COVID-19 after avoiding the virus for the last two years. The Queen is fully vaccinated and has had the booster vaccine, but was still reported to have...

Narratives offer insight into immigrant journeys

Alesha Garcia, Staff Writer December 20, 2019

On Nov. 13, Immigrant Student Coordinator Liz Torres Melendez and the Intercultural Engagement Center hosted an evening where staff, visitors and students met for dinner in the Gilmer Room to hear the...

Interfaith Open House connects community

Anna Gamez, Staff Writer December 7, 2018

In the gathering area of the Friends Center, located in the Eva Campbell House, Guilford students, faculty and staff members joined for the Interfaith Open House on Thursday, Nov. 29. Energy was high at...

Striking “QORDS”: LGBTQ club throws rockin’ benefit concert

Striking “QORDS”: LGBTQ club throws rockin’ benefit concert

Anthony Harrison, Staff Writer March 1, 2013

It’s an old cliche: Music is the universal language. But Queer-Oriented Rap/Rock Day School plans to turn the phrase in a new and daring way. Inspired by Queer Rock Camp based in Olympia, Wash., QORDS...

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