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Letter to the editor: The sanctity of the 9/11 vigil should be respected

Josh Weil, Guest Writer November 7, 2014

I am the student who organized the vigil on Sept. 11, to honor those killed during the attacks that took place on that same day in 2001. For the past month, there have been two letters to the editor...

Recent conflict raises questions about campus flag policy

Recent conflict raises questions about campus flag policy

Quincy Malesovas, Staff Writer and World & Nation Editor September 26, 2014

The American flag: a symbol of freedom, democracy and unity for some. But for many Quakers, the symbolism itself is something to be scrutinized. The warlike spirit that it often represents is contrary...

Letter to the editor: Students deserve the right to fly our flag in memory of 9/11

Harrison Houlihan, President of the Guilford College Republicans September 19, 2014

Recently I was subjected to disciplinary action due to my decision to fly the American flag on my college campus on Sept. 11. Most of us are aware of the campus policy against flags, which stems from...

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