Patriots win Super Bowl, to no one’s surprise

Super Bowl LIII ended in a win that many might have expected, but not with such a low scoring game. The New England Patriots were victorious over the Los Angeles Rams with a final score of 13-3, giving Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady and the franchise six Super Bowl titles.

Unfortunately, I wanted the Rams to take home the title. Due to so many appearances in Super Bowls (nine), I desired to see a difference in not only a matchup, but a winner as well.

Going into the 53rd Super Bowl, fans and sports analysts predicted a high scoring grudge match from two strong offensive teams, between arguably the best quarterback to play the game of football and an upcoming star in Rams’ quarterback Jared Goff.

The fact that the championship was so low scoring made it a very defensive game, one that fans of any sport would not favor. Most fans like an offensive performance because that is where you see these high-paid athletes do exceptional things.

This game even set an NFL record as the first Super Bowl without a touchdown from either team until the fourth quarter, and this is where the Rams lost their chances in winning.

Defensively it seemed that the Rams had no problems, but offensively they could not get past the 50-yard line on the opposing team’s side of the field to even think about scoring.

Throughout the whole game, the Rams produced only 14 first downs, went three-for-13 in third down conversions and had a total of 260 yards on 60 plays without any red zone attempts.

With a team like the Patriots that consist of geniuses on and off the field in Brady and head coach Bill Belichick, you cannot wait around or take chances. You have to strike fast and make them come up with quick solutions while keeping all the momentum. Being a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I can attest to this, as they match up well with them every year in the regular season. 

Rams’ head coach Sean McVay did not use his creative offensive thoughts that he’s known for efficiently.

There were huge plays here and there, but it was not enough to put up some touchdowns for the young squad out of Los Angeles.

The score was tied at three a piece throughout three-quarters of play, until the Patriots finally stepped it up with a huge play to tight end Rob Gronkowski inside the five-yard line, leading to a touchdown for rookie running back Sony Michel. 

Something that was highly questionable by many fans in this game was the limited use of star running back Todd Gurley II. Granted, Gurley suffered a knee injury and was not available for the first two post-season games for the Rams, but he still participated fully in practices preparing for the championship and was ready to go. Ending with only 10 carries for 35 yards, I question their offensive scheme in not utilizing Gurley more in either the slot or flat route options to draw out the mismatch with the linebacker, something I learned over the years, as a Steelers fan, that works against the Patriots.

These concerns draw up a big lesson for the Rams, as their young team can learn from this experience in order to come back even stronger next year.

They simply cannot go into a Super Bowl scoring only three point the whole game, especially not against the New England Patriots.