Letter to the Editor: Before we begin the semester

Before we truly begin this semester — before the inevitable outrage ensues over the next deficit crisis, next compensation issues, next set of demands or next student-athlete divide —before any of this, I would like to encourage us, my fellow classmates, to begin laughing more.

Often at our school, the “crises” we face can seem so urgent. I, myself, would be lying if I said I was not frequently at the center of these issues working on resolutions through committees, conversations and writings, but I would also be lying if I said I did not resolve to remain positive through them, to take myself less seriously at each threat to our liberal arts college.

Before we move into these next few months, arming ourselves with newfound knowledge from political science courses and biology working groups, I urge us to remember what for so many here makes college a valuable experience: the friendships we make, the fun we have and everything we learn.

I, for one, am excited for whatever’s next — whether it be discovering there’s a cyclops monster down by the lake or realizing our school’s administration is actually run by the Illuminati. But what I’m more excited for is my classes, my friends and, ultimately the best part, the laughs.

To an adventurous semester.