The Guilfordian’s steps to being an anti-racist newspaper

In recent weeks, the Guilford community has discussed how racism manifests in our community and our institution. The Guilfordian has reported on the walkouts and posted the demands on our website. We hope we have provided a place for people to talk about the ways in which they have experienced racism and ways that our community can improve.

We want to contribute to this conversation by outlining some of the ways in which we are committed to becoming an anti-racist newspaper.

First, we hope to publish an opinion article in each issue next semester by different Multicultural Leadership Scholars. This is one way in which we can increase the diversity of voices and topics heard in our newspaper. We want The Guilfordian to be an inclusive space for people of color.

Second, we are committed to seeking out fuller education about racism. This semester the Editorial Board met with Assistant Director for Multicultural Education and Latino Community Coordinator Irving Zavaleta Jimenez ‘08 and LGBTQQA Coordinator Parker Hurley to talk about our commitment to social justice and the ways in which we can be a more open space for all people. Next semester, we want to coordinate meetings and workshops with Jimenez and Hurley for more of our staff members so that we can all learn how to unlearn and subvert racism.

Third, we will keep up the momentum that we have developed this semester. In this issue, multiple articles appear on racism at Guilford. We want to continue reporting on racism at Guilford, both when there are walk-outs and published lists of demands and when there aren’t big events. Racism is a problem here at all times and that affects all aspects of our community and we will consistently report on it.

Fourth, we are aware that we are a largely, although not exclusively, white organization. Going forward, we will try to make a conscious effort to recruit staff from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. In our reporting, we will continue listening to and lifting up the voices of people of color and learning from them. This is not only our paper, but Guilford’s paper, and we want to make it an inclusive and safe space for everyone.

These are just some of the steps we will be taking. We encourage you to hold us accountable and let us know when you feel we are not achieving these goals.