Our differences shouldn’t create divisions

Guilford students value diversity. Our student body takes pride in what makes them unique. From athletes, to artists, to CCE and even Early College students, the distinct identities of Guilfordians contribute to collectively make the campus itself unique.

To some, diversity and unity are mutually exclusive. Needless to say, they should not be. We as a campus are facing difficult times, and the more we harbor tensions among us, the less we can focus on making progress.

Center for Continuing Education students sometimes seem separate from the rest of the population. But unconventional schedules and other commitments don’t make CCE students any less valuable to our campus. They bring a different degree of experience to the conversation, and their drive to continue their education provides a model for the rest of us.

One of the smallest groups on campus, the upperclassmen of the Early College at Guilford may be younger, but that does not justify excluding them from the community. Many ECG students are nervous about admitting their age to traditional students. To stay in line with our Quaker values, it’s our responsibility to make sure no one on our campus is scared to share who they are.

Then there is the apparent divide between athletes and non-athletes, a topic that creates as much heat here on campus as any other “divide.” This issue is such a hot topic that a recent survey was produced to attempt to get to the bottom of things.

Everyone has their own opinion on this matter, but the truth is as long as there continue to be uninformed and often polarized conversation within the community, it will continue to create divisive and thus unproductive feelings.

Guilfordian staff writer Brenna Walsh discussed the divide issue in a recent article. One big takeaway from this piece was how Guilford students of this community should begin to branch out and interconnect.

The article’s closing message was “There is a divide amongst our community, and recognizing is the first step to lessening it.”

It is time to take that first step.