Staff Editorial: A note from next year’s Editor-in-Chief

My first day at Guilford, I walked into Dana Auditorium on the way to my first college English class, anxious and worried about what would be expected of me. The previous night, before even going to a college class for the first time, I had received the pitch list for the newspaper and learned that I would have to write my first article that week.

I stepped into the classroom and, with the professor and students in that room, found my home at Guilford.

Going to college intimidated me, but joining the newspaper lifted so much weight off my shoulders, even though it meant that I had more responsibilities to take care of and had to talk to people I didn’t know, two things that I wasn’t entirely sure that I wanted to do. Regardless, I fell in love with journalism and The Guilfordian.

My three years at Guilford have been defined by my involvement with the newspaper. I love this publication and I love journalism.

The Guilfordian has a unique position in our community. We get to showcase the concerns of our community and give voices to movements and individuals who may not have ones of their own. This is one of the things I love most about journalism. I promise that next year we will continue to highlight voices of the community.

Next year we will also continue to focus on social justice. While we enjoy reporting on fun topics like theatre productions and Serendipity, we also think it is of the utmost importance to showcase social justice issues, especially ones that are underreported.

I’ve watched three editors-in-chief before me write these letters, but I never really expected that I would one day actually get to write one. The opportunity to serve as the leader of this organization is an honor, and I hope that I will do the job, and our community, justice.