Staff Editorial: Rallying with students against sexual assault

In a country where 17.7 million women are victims of attempted or completed rape, it is important that as a college community, we address the issue of sexual assault through educating ourselves.

According to the American Association of University Women, “Sexual assault disproportionately affects college women and impedes their ability to participate fully in campus life. Educational equity for women and girls requires fair, responsive, fully developed campus sexual assault policies, knowledgeable administrators, and, ultimately, an end to sexual violence on campuses.”

As a college community, every individual should be able to recognize and prevent sexual violence so that we feel prepared to address sexual violence when encountered.

Sexual violence prevention educators have found that when individuals are educated on sexuality and sexual health, they are more likely to make healthy sexual decisions, increase communication skills, develop respect for boundaries, and know what to do if they or someone they know has been assaulted.

Consequentially, individuals who are educated on these issues are less likely to become perpetrators of sexual violence and more likely to address sexual violence if it is encountered, so it is important that our community encourage open conversation about sexuality and sexual violence.

The Consent Campaign was created for this purpose exactly: to provide an in-depth education on sexual health and sexuality.

Through informing our community of the benefits of healthy sexual relationships and the importance of consent, we can help put an end to sexual violence, and its crippling effects on victims.

While we do acknowledge that educating our community on sexual violence will not put an end to sexual violence completely, it will support the development of a safe community and the establishment of safe sexual relationships.

It is crucial that every member of our community learns the importance of consent, safe sexual relationships, and open conversations about sex and sexuality.

Thankfully, our college’s Consent Campaign is here to facilitate these conversations and answer any questions that students may have. We encourage every member of our community to attend the events hosted by Consent Campaign sponsors to understand the importance of safe sexual activity.

As representatives of the student body, we at The Guilfordian will remain committed to reporting on the importance of consent and sexual education.