Staff Editorial: Gearing up for finals season

It began as one paper. Then two. Then two and a take-home exam. Then two, a take-home exam, a set of discussion questions, 200 pages of reading, and they’re all due an hour before your test. As we near the end of the semester, the work piles on — hard. To help you survive, here is the Guilfordian Guide to Finalizing Finals.

Scheduling – Figure out when you must do work and when you can relax, so you don’t just stress all day, every day.

Sleep – It’s a good thing and it helps you remember stuff. If you skip it, you’ll regret it.

Food – It helps you not die. Stockpile it in your room, hit the Grill or Q if you need something quick, hire a friend to be your designated food retriever. Just remember to eat.

Short breaks – If you work constantly for several hours or all night, you will burn out. Take some time to unwind from your assignments. It’ll let your mind absorb information better or give you a chance to generate new ideas.

Unplug – Rip the plugs out of your XBox and TV, and turn off your cellphone. They are distractions, and you don’t always realize how much time you’ve sunk into them before it’s too late. No, you don’t need to check Facebook right now and you can watch New Girl later. Get back to work.

Assignment-hopping – When your brain has reached maximum capacity for one assignment, work on something else for a little while. It’s like a break with more work involved.

Exercise – Though it takes time and effort, exercising even once a week blows off some steam and gets you energized with those lovely endorphins. Eustress v. distress, etc.

Brainstorming – If you are having the ultimate mind block and need to figure something out (and if an assignment allows it), why not ask a friend to help you. Two heads are better than one (unless they’re connected to the same body).

Lastly, stay sober – you need your mind clear for some of that work.

The end is near, Guilfordians.

Brace yourselves.