CCE Serendipity needs you

Sometimes it takes just a little food and laughter to bridge the gap between traditional and CCE students.

Now is the chance. Our Spring Awards Carnival, which takes place next to New Garden Hall in the front lawn, is on April 27 and starts at 12 p.m..

CCE students are a little older than the rest of the pack at the College, but now we recognize another age related issue: commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Center for Continuing Education.

Much like the Community Senate, we too have a student government association that hopes to aid those CCE students who need a liaison to the administration or the greater community as a whole.

Whether you are a CCE student, know a CCE student or would like to support your Guilford peers, we look forward to seeing new faces in the crowd.

The event features a mechanical bull, a rock-climbing wall, cotton candy and popcorn. We will recognize outstanding students, professors and staff who have worked hard this year.

There will be tasty food too, and if the bull isn’t fun enough, you can dunk me in a tank.

That’s right, I said it, a tank.

If I have ever offended you in any way in my years of writing, feel free to take your aggression out by dunking me in the dunk tank, which I will man.

Our event is like a CCE Serendipity on a diet. So, expect some relaxation and friendly folks around who are enjoying what we hope will be a sunny day.  After all, we have a lot to celebrate.

Over the past year, we have made access grants available to the entire college, helping students who could not afford tuition during tight times. We are extending another $20,000 to go into the coming year.

Our fellow students have issues ranging from stress to addictions, like any other students.

In response to the need, we brought someone in with impeccable credentials and experience.

The CCE SGA sponsored the new addition of a counselor who helps CCE students through whatever their needs might be.

We realize that above all, it is stressful to wake up in the morning, let alone complete classes.

At the end of the day, we all at the CCE SGA hope to see you in front of New Garden Hall, on April 27 at 12p.m..

I’ll be in the tank. I hope you’ll be there and that you’re not a good shot.