Letter to new students

You’ve been moving for days now. You have no clue where you are. You stumble into what appears to be a quaint college campus, but under the surface it seems much more terrifying. This is only the beginning.
This sounds like the plot of an exciting new TV show, but for many here at Guilford this year, it’s a reality. Whether you’re a first-year, a transfer, a new CCE student or a fugitive on the lam, the first few weeks at Guilford are daunting. You’re going to have to wise up if you want to survive — and fast.
“Keep Calm and Carry On” is a common phrase nowadays. It was adapted from a British propaganda poster during World War II, and has been emblazoned on everything from notebooks to coffee mugs. We even see variations of it here on campus, from “Keep Calm and Go to the Hut” to “Keep Calm and Find an On-Campus Job.”

In this short time, you have to figure out where everything is. You have to immerse yourself in a campus culture that can eat you alive if you’re not careful. You have to know what heteronormative means.
All of these factors could fluster anyone, but if you “Keep Calm and Carry On,” you’ll begin to realize that Guilford is not a terrifying place, but instead a wonderful community in which to learn and socialize.

You’ll start to make friends with people in your classes. You’ll learn that the Library, the Hut and other quiet places will help you with your homework as much as the Internet does. You’ll even discover a higher level of distaste for Canadian geese than you ever thought possible.

All of these factors and more will hopefully convince you to stay the course and continue your education here at Guilford. If you stick around, you’re certain to find your niche within the community and make a difference, even if some of your views don’t coincide with the majority.

That’s what makes this college so great. We’re an amalgam of different views and groups combining together under a shared set of values, trying to make sense of this ridiculous world. Remember that generations of students have come before you and have succeeded in their own ways. It may not have been quick, easy or the way they planned, but it happened.

I survived living in Milner, I survived my first 300-level course, and I’m going to survive this year as a senior and the next as a “super-senior.” If you just “Keep Calm and Carry On,” you’ll be back on the run in no time.

Then the next batch of new students will be trying to keep up with you. Good luck and welcome to Guilford.