Playback: How do you feel about having class outside?

“YES. I have friends who have taken courses that have met outside, and they say that it helps motivate creativity. Breaking away from strict academia and into creative and inventive thinking that Guilford encourages Yet I have NEVER had a class outside.”
Emily Carter, Sophomore, English major

“Leave it up to individual professors and classes. Sometimes it’s great but it’s not always doable if you need the board or to watch a film. Also some people have allergies. This should be taken into account. That said, it’s nice to be outside!”
Anonymous, Senior, International Studies and Religious Studies double major

“No, I really don’t like sitting in geese droppings. Class should be formal and be done inside where the teacher has the ability to use the board, projector, and the students can use the desks and their laptops. Outside class is counter predictive.”
Anonymous Student

Compiled by Victor Lopez

“We should make areas that are devoted to outside classes that would include accessibility for students with disabilities, that is an exciting prospect.”
Jean Kelly, Junior CCE student, Education major

“They are obviously more enjoyable, because when you’re stuck in class on a nice day, all most people are thinking about is being outside.”
Anonymous Student

“I believe every teacher that is capable should have at least two classes outside. There are some days where being stuck in a class room/basement of King, it is so boring and I’m longing to be outside. I feel literature classes should take advantage of outside opportunities.”
Anonymous Student

“I think class outside is stimulating when appropriate especially for small group work, but not as practical for large group discussions, lectures, and presentations, there’s too much potential for distraction.”
Tim Leisman, Junior, Peace and Conflict Studies major