Student leaders create anonymous reporting form

Another walkout. Another list of demands for the administration.

On Nov. 20, Guilford students gathered on Founders to discuss race on Guilford’s campus.

At the rally, student leaders shared a link to anonymously report instances of race related violence or share their testimonies of what it is like to be a person of color on campus.. For many students, this could be the difference between feeling safe at Guilford and not.

“This form has been created in order to bring light to the different realities people of color face at Guilford College,” the website reads. “We wanted to create a safe space for our students, staff, faculty, and administrators of color to speak their truths and experiences.

“We encourage you all to share any stories where you have felt silenced, isolated, and discriminated against by members of our community.”

Many students of color shared at both rallies that they do not feel comfortable going to Public Safety because there are few PSafe officers of color, and no women of color.

Until Guilford hires more people of color to be a part of PSafe, students may not feel safe reporting violence on campus. The form will allow Guilford to have an accurate number of violent race related incidents reported, as well as help students of color feel safer on campus.

“We need to hold one another accountable and this is the time for our voices to be heard,” the website reads.

Although students are welcome to include their name, organizers also acknowledge how that could be scary for many students of color.

“If you would like to include your name you are welcome to do so,” the website reads. “If not this form is completely anonymous and we fully understand if that is a safer way for you to share your testimonies.”