Demands from Guilford students for the administration

This list of demands was created by student leaders at Guilford in response to the list created by students at the University of Missouri. The list has been delivered to the administration. At the walk out on Nov. 12, protestors said that if the demands are not met within a week, they would be back.

1. We demand transparent five­year plans from admissions, campus life, and marketing regarding the welcoming and retention of students of color. We want black bodies out of marketing campaigns until Guilford addresses its diversity issues.

2. We demand more representation in faculty, staff and resident advisors, and comprehensive diversity training for these positions. Students of color must be able to feel as safe and comfortable as white students when talking to elders and leaders on campus.We demand that by the academic year 2017­18, Guilford increases the percentage of black faculty and staff members campus­wide by 10 percent.

3. We demand a proper breakdown and accountability process from our school’s public safety. We demand accountability in the form of annual reports and open forums with the heads of public safety concerning diversity and treatment of black bodies on campus.

4. We demand full and clear accountability from campus life in relation to the judicial process. As students, we deserve to know how our peers, and especially peers of color, are treated within the judicial process.

5. We demand a plan for the end of exploitation of black male athletes. The college must not be able to profit off of black bodies while putting minimal effort into the education and retention of those same students.

6. We demand that school administrators, professors, staff, and student leaders acknowledge their racism, be it overt covert or passive.

7. We demand more funding for CCE programs, prioritizing a space for them on campus, equal or better to that which was taken away. Guilford uses CCE’s percentage of black students to increase the school’s overall diversity percentage, but these students are not equally represented or cared for by the administration.

8. We demand a public apology to Teresa and Brandy, organizers of Black Lives Matter Week, who have been exploited by the administration in relation to the marketing video posted by the School earlier this week.

9. We demand that faculty and staff are protected and able to voice solidarity with students and/or frustration with administration. Our hardworking faculty and staff should not have to worry about getting fired for speaking up for truth and justice.

10. We demand an investigation to the extent of the school’s ability into hateful Yik Yak posts and comments. Should these posts and comments turn overtly violent, the students demand the School takes it to the proper authorities and promise the safety of black students on campus. These should be treated no differently from other anonymous hate crimes.

11. We demand that should threats upon students lives be made, the School cancels classes and provided an email to the student body standing in solidarity with those threatened. We will not risk our lives for an education.

12. We demand that Guilford College embark upon a transparent strategy to increase retention rates for marginalized students, sustain diversity curriculum and training for all marginalized students, and promote a more safe and inclusive campus.