Journalist Wright to speak

One hundred forty countries. Six continents. And now, Guilford College’s Bryan Series.

Award-winning freelance journalist Robin Wright will be coming to this year’s Bryan Series.

“Robin will do a nice job of kicking things off for us,” said Associate Vice President of the Office of Communications and Marketing Ty Buckner. “She is a very engaging individual and is genuinely interested in engaging with students and pushing them forward.”

Wright will speak about current events going on around the world and how they may end up affecting us.

“I’ll be talking about the Middle East at a time the whole region is undergoing a historic transition,” said Wright.

Wright has been an American foreign affairs analyst and journalist in over 140 different countries and has been featured in many well-known newspapers such as The New Yorker, The Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post.

“Wright certainly believes that an effective correspondent must immerse herself in the culture and talk with hundreds of people in the region she covers,” said author Kerrie Logan Hollihan. “She’s not the kind of ‘fly-in fly-out’ correspondent we often see in today’s media. She has depth that has helped her build insights and perspective over a very long career. She is an expert, not a dilettante.”

Wright has impacted many readers and writers across the world. She is a graduate of The University of Michigan, and continues to help students and aspiring journalists today.

“Wright has established a fellowship or scholarship,” said Buckner. “She is very committed to furthering journalism for students and helping them in whatever way she can.”

Some Guilford students have the opportunity to attend a special student session at 4 p.m. where they will be able to speak with Wright in a much smaller and more personalized setting before the main event at 7:30 p.m.

“I think that students at Guilford will glean not only a lot of information from Wright about Middle Eastern issues, but also some points on how to develop their own skills in gathering, distilling and presenting both hard news and reflective pieces,” said Hollihan.

Wright will give students insight on how to better pursue a career in journalism.“I think we have a speaker who can really appreciate being on a college campus,” said Buckner. “Robin really gives us the best of both worlds.”

The Bryan Series kicks off at 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 1, at the Greensboro Coliseum. Guilford students are encouraged to come out and attend this community-wide event. Tickets are free of charge to Guilford students and staff.