Res. Life says Mary Hobbs residents, Greenleaf can stay

After many residents had packed up and relocated, the women of Mary Hobbs returned from J-Term to find that the proposed summer renovation to their dorm has been postponed indefinitely.

Initially, Guilford was promised a large portion of the requisite funds in the will of a former Mary Hobbs resident and Guilford alumna.

However, it was recently discovered that this money could not be put toward the renovation due to specific stipulations in the will.

“(The money) was earmarked for scholarships and endowing faculty positions, great stuff, but not allowing us use it for Hobbs,” said Vice President of Student Affairs Dean of Students Aaron Fetrow. “The reality is we were under the impression from (the donor) before she passed away that Guilford was getting this money and we could do what we wanted with it … and she was a Hobbs woman. We had talked to her about the Hobbs project.”

Prior to receiving this information, the administration instructed the Hobbs residents to move out summer so construction could be completed for the fall 2013 semester. Then the decision was made to hold off on the renovations.

The decision not to wait until the end of spring semester was made in part because Hobbs needs crucial safety renovations.

“The sprinkler system, heating and cooling, painting all need to be updated,” said Jen Agor, associate dean of students.

The decision to postpone the renovation was made quickly and left some residents feeling unsettled.

“The Thursday before I got back to campus I got an email from Jen that said, ‘We have people who are going to help you move out,’” said junior Chelsea Yarborough. “Then 30 minutes later I got an email from Aaron Fetrow saying they had called off the renovation.”

Other residents are upset with how the administration handled the situation.

“I was extremely disappointed and frustrated at the administration for putting all of my residents, myself, my fellow resident advisor and my hall director through such a wild upheaval and then calling the whole thing off last minute and leaving us all upset, confused and feeling a bit displaced,” said sophomore Resident Advisor Brianna Halliwell.

Junior Elizabeth Munyan agreed.

“As of now, I am a bit disappointed that the renovation is no longer taking place because it stirred up a lot of controversy that is no longer relevant,” said Munyan. “It is frustrating that many residents had to compromise and make adjustments that are now unnecessary.”

There is no current timeframe for the Mary Hobbs renovation, and the Greenleaf will remain in its current location until further notice.