Club profile: Pre-law club

Goal-driven, motivated and dedicated to their interests. That describes members of the Guilford College Pre-law Club.

Macaylee Eller, Taron Lilly and Juliana Hubbard are all members of the Pre-law Club who feel that they have benefited from staying involved. All are interested in continuing their education at law school after graduating from Guilford, and they shared some insightful information about what goes on behind the scenes of the Pre-law Club.

“The Pre-law Club is a student organization that supports students interested in any area of the legal field,” said Eller, the club’s president. “The Pre-law Club provides many opportunities for members and the campus community to get involved in the local legal issues, make contacts with legal professionals and learn more about how to enter the field.”  

Guilford’s Pre-law Club assists students in getting a deeper connection with opportunities inside the study of law. Even more importantly, the club helps students prepare for the law school admissions process. Navigating this process as a college student can be very difficult without the right guidance and information.

“Being part of Pre-law Club has helped me through the law school application process by giving me access to current lawyers and helping me build connections with prospective law schools,” said Hubbard, a senior and vice president of the club. “It is also an important part of building a community with aspiring law students who are also going through the law school application process.” 

The Pre-law Club paves paths for students to get in touch with lawyers in the area and build connections with them. This gives students interested in the law field insight into what they will potentially be doing in the future. They get to see what a day in the life of a lawyer looks like and engage with other aspiring law students. 

“The Pre-law Club provides LSAT study materials and a community of your peers that want to attend law school,” said Lilly, a sophomore. “The Pre-law Club also meets every Sunday to study for the LSAT. Our executive board has taken the LSAT and (the club is)… a wonderful resource to ask about the law admission process and LSAT study questions.”

These study sessions give students an early start in preparing for this difficult test, which can help them achieve a higher score on the test.

Not only does the Pre-law Club help students academically, but members also hold social events. 

“The Pre-law Club showed ‘Legally Blonde’ on the quad… we also visit, tour, and sit in classes at local law schools in the area,” said Lilly.

The Pre-law Club is actively engaged in fun and educating activities that make students excited to pursue a career in law and to become more involved in opportunities that will help them succeed in the admissions process. 

While it may be intimidating to join a club that seems highly intensive, Hubbard said that “my favorite part about Pre-law Club is that we aren’t completely focused on the seriousness of applications or law school. The club is equally about building community as it is about discussing the seriousness of a legal profession. Whether we build community by showing movies, hosting study sessions or having club outings, being part of Pre-law is great because it simultaneously encourages professional development and community building.”

Lilly encourages incoming first-years to join the Pre-law Club or other clubs on campus.

“I would encourage incoming first-year students to become involved with as many clubs as they can on campus!” Lilly said. “It is such a fun way to meet new people who share similar interests.”