Guilford’s YDSA chapter expresses mission

Guilford College’s Young Democrats Socialists of America chapter held an interest meeting for the Guilford Community on Wednesday, Mar. 13, in Hendricks Hall. Led by Conner Potts, this meeting talked about the many goals that Guilford College’s YDSA chapter hopes to accomplish.

At the interest meeting, YDSA expressed that they believe that the economy and society should be run democratically, in order to meet the public needs rather than to benefit a few. YDSA also discussed that they will work towards encouraging increased participation in political processes through voting, in order to allow more people to take part in the decisions that affect their everyday lives.

The interest meeting also opened up a conversation about what students and other community members would like to see YDSA accomplish. YDSA encouraged this feedback so that their community could have a voice and be heard, especially regarding any changes or long-term goals they would like to see.

“YDSA’s mission is to educate and organize students at Guilford and play a helpful role in the movement for social justice from a democratic socialist perspective,” said Conner Potts, president of Guilford’s YDSA chapter. “Within and throughout this struggle, we will articulate and defend the idea that true human liberation is impossible under capitalism.

“We seek social change which extends democracy into all aspects of life – social, political, and economic. This is the struggle for democratic socialism. Our vision of socialism is profoundly democratic, feminist, anti-racist, and challenges every form of oppression.”

YDSA also communicated at the interest meeting that they will be working to focus on what the student body wants as a whole, rather than looking at individual wants. This will allow them to take an active role in the community and advocate for groups of people who have similar concerns or experiences.

“On campus, we strive to become an active role in our community, support marginalized groups on campus, and advocate for a college that is feminist, anti-racist, and free of other forms of oppression,” said Potts. “I think that is pretty positive. We want to support our most vulnerable groups and protect them from harm as best we can.

“I want people to use this group to challenge themselves and the way they view the world, as well as using the group as an environment safe for marginalized groups. I want our group to become a group that people will feel safe and comfortable coming to, as well as using it as a space to learn and grow. We would love to hold education sessions so people can learn about our group.”

Starting March 15, the YDSA will be holding meetings every Friday from 6-7 in Hendricks Hall. They will be discussing a variety of topics each week, from the new theme houses to information on The Pines and upcoming YDSA events.

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