Life After Guilford: Alumni Association unveils new website

How do you transition into life after college? Graduation is quickly approaching, and for many seniors, this question is at the forefront of their minds.

To help answer this question, the Guilford College Alumni Association has been developing an online resource to help current and future graduates stay connected to the school and to each other: myGuilford.

The Alumni Office began work on the site last year. The central idea behind the project was to combine an encyclopedia of information and resources with aspects of social networking into one Guilford-specific service.

As a subsection of the Alumni Association website, myGuilford’s features fall into two categories. The first is a collection of resources for alumni. For graduates with questions about how to get a transcript, register for continuing education or activate a permanent school email, this is the place have them answered.

“myGuilford is one-stop shop for alumni needs… everything they would want to know in one place,” said the site’s architect, Kimberly Barnes, assistant director of communications and alumni relations.

The second function of the site is a network for alumni, in which each member can customize a profile and set what information can be searched by others. The space is designed to allow members to not only connect socially, but also exchange information and help one another.

In this section, there are also postings for events and even jobs that may interest alumni, both on campus and out in the world.

“Guilford alums are incredibly committed to helping each other succeed,” said Katherine Helms Cummings ’83, president of the Guilford College Alumni Association, in an email interview. “I hope the class of 2012 will take advantage of the contacts and opportunities available to them by using myGuilford, the Alumni Association’s newest and fastest way to be involved in alumni events and activities.”

Members also have the ability to make posts and updates about what’s going on in their own lives.

“People love to hear what fellow alumni are doing around the world,” Barnes said, adding that this feature also gives members a reason to return to the site frequently.

Many students are struggling with how to stay connected with Guilford as they get closer to leaving the school’s close-knit community. There is a world full of opportunities and connections outside of campus, but they are not always readily apparent, particularly to those within the bubble.

“With alums across the country, new graduates shouldn’t have to look far for someone who values the Guilford experience as they begin a career or continue in education and research,” Cummings said.

Karrie Manson ’82, associate director of alumni relations, agrees.

“We want to build a big web of Guilfordians, so when you leave the stage (at graduation) … there’s already a canvas for connectivity,” Manson said.

Check out myGuilford at!