Larceny committed in Archdale Hall

Dana Professor of English Carolyn Beard Whitlow walked into her office on Nov. 3 to find that someone had entered her office without permission and committed larceny, according to the Greensboro Police Department. This comes after another office theft in King Hall two weeks ago.

A CSI investigator dusted Whitlow’s office for the fingerprints of the perpetrator, according to the police report.

Whitlow’s credit cards, wallet, cell phone, house keys and school laptop were stolen in the course of the larceny.

Ron Stowe, director of Public Safety, said that his office received a call regarding the theft and the Greensboro Police Department was called. He said that incidents like this show we should be vigilant about protecting our space.

“It is important to remind people to secure their property and keep unoccupied spaces — dorm rooms and offices — locked,” said Stowe.

Those with information concerning the larceny are encouraged to contact Public Safety at 336-316-2908 or the Greensboro Police Department at 336-373-2496.