Jon Hatch formally indicted

On Sept. 6, a Greensboro grand jury indicted former Associate Professor of Mathematics Jonathan Hatch for one count of felony secret peeping and six counts of third degree sexual exploitation of a minor.

The function of the grand jury is to review evidence procured by investigative agencies, such as the police department, and deem whether or not there is sufficient evidence to charge a criminal offense.

In the case of Hatch, the grand jury returned an indictment, indicating there was sufficient evidence to proceed with felony charges.

A Nov. 11, 2011, court date had been set for Hatch to answer the charges, pending the grand jury’s decision to indict.

That date has now been continued, meaning it has been put off for now, while prosecutors ask for a new date to be put on the court’s calendar, a Guilford County Clerk representative said.

“Usually it is the prosecuting attorney that asks for the new court date,” said the representative. “Once the new court date is set it will be available to the public.”