Chris Lawyer


(Yes! Weekly)

Chris Lawyer

This candidate did not respond to The Guilfordian’s requests for an interview. The information below, including quotes, is via Yes! Weekly.

Age: 33

Party: Republican

Lived in Greensboro: 6 years

Incumbent or challenger: Challenger

What is your position on the White Street Landfill?

“We will have to temporarily re-open the landfill with the belief that we move aggressively to seek out a long-term regional solution,” said Lawyer. He said the city should “use technology that will curb odor and rodent issues” upon reopening the landfill. According to Lawyer, transporting waste is not an economical solution and using a landfill in an urban environment is not viable. “We also need to expand our recycling efforts to help cut down on the overall waste that will be placed in any landfill,” said Lawyer.

What is your plan for economic progress in Greensboro?

“We have to realize that there are necessities and there are wants,” said Lawyer. “We have to use taxpayer dollars responsibly.” He believes the council should plan to use funds for necessities, such as park maintenance, police patrol, and fire departments.

How do you plan to reach out to college students to get them more involved with civic life?

The Guilfordian could not find information on Lawyer regarding this topic.

What changes do you want to see in the city during your time in office?

“Our most pressing issue is reining in our budgets to make them as responsible as possible,” said Lawyer. He would like to create an environment where small and large businesses thrive “through lower taxes and streamlined regulations,” and maintain city infrastructure.