Student’s swift response leads to flasher’s arrest

On Sept. 25, police arrested Ryne Scott Nichols on misdemeanor charges of indecent exposure after being reported to Public Safety by a female student who Nichols had just “flashed” while sitting in his minivan, according to Greensboro Police Department records.

The student, who wished to remain anonymous, told The Guilfordian that she was crossing the road while on the phone with her mother and noticed a suspicious man in a mini-van that matched a description of the person who had been “flashing” students on campus recently.

The student was able to catch the license plate and immediately contacted Public Safety.

Public Safety Officer John Matthews quickly responded and immediately coordinated with the Greensboro Police Department.

“When I told the police what happened, they did not take me seriously,” said the student. “I was told that these things happen all the time — the officer wasn’t even going to take a report of the incident.”

The student told The Guilfordian that once Ron Stowe, director of Public Safety, became aware he insisted the police check into the matter, which led to Nichols’ arrest.

Stowe told The Guilfordian that Nichols is thought to be the same individual involved in most of the previous cases of indecent exposure on campus and that identifying this suspect was the direct result of the victimized student’s swift response.