Workshops provide CCE students with resources, advice for success

Adult students come to Guilford College for many reasons: corporate downsizings, retirement, a change in career path and empty-nest syndrome are only a few of them. Many have never been in the college environment or find themselves returning to campus after a long hiatus. The staff of the Center for Continuing Education (CCE) office is offering workshops to help these adults navigate the new terrain.

“These workshops are designed from student requests and from presenter feedback,” said Carrie Moran, assistant director for student success and workshop organizer. “We schedule the classes according to the needs (of students) during the semester and the academic calendar. The presenters also gear the material to the needs of the adult student.”

For the adult student, many of the workshops should look or sound familiar. Most of them are the same resources offered during the day for traditional students. The workshops provide a more convenient time for adult students to attend and the chance for students to ask CCE-specific questions.

Earlier this year, the Gateway to Success Program received a grant that allowed the CCE staff to create a more robust and diverse workshop catalog. In addition to the traditional computer skills and study workshops, the grant money allowed for a Yoga workshop for stress busting during fall midterms. Even though there are other Yoga opportunities on campus, this workshop was scheduled to fit the typical late-evening CCE student schedule.

“Most of the feedback we get is really positive,” Moran said. “We are planning spring 2011 now and are working to adjust the timing so more students have the chance to attend.”

One workshop on the schedule for spring is “Dress for Success.” This workshop will complement the current “Resume Writing” workshop, as students are looking for career opportunities and advancement.

The Nov. 10 “Internship Q&A” workshop was inviting and informative, with a nice food bonus. The presenter, Lisa Tell, director of internships and special programs in the Career and Community Learning Center (CACL), brought informational packets for attendees and answered questions for the small crowd gathered in Hendricks Hall. Tell is a valuable resource for adults who have not considered the opportunity to intern.

“You just don’t know until you ask,” Tell said during the workshop. “I love the opportunity to work with people and find options that work for them.”

Students attend the workshops for different reasons. Some make plans to attend, while others simply stop in on their way to class.

“Actually, it was accidental (that I attended),” said junior CCE student Shanteria Gregg in an e-mail interview. “I was meeting with my advisor and had a few minutes before class.”

“Guilford College just doesn’t take for granted that I know all the information the college offers,” Shanteria said. “My experience has been great so far.”

“I think the best part about the session was socializing with other CCE students afterward,” said sophomore CCE student Tracy Stocklingsky. “There were also light and healthy refreshments which I really appreciated.”

If you are interested in finding out more about the CCE Student Success Workshops, be sure to check The Buzz or stop by Hendricks Hall to find out about upcoming workshops.