Budget Committee Community Meeting

The Guilford College Budget Committee would like to invite the entire Guilford community to an open meeting of the Budget Committee. The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 4 from 3:45-5:00PM in Founders Gallery. We will describe the budget process at Guilford and provide some insight into the issues we face in developing and reaching consensus on a fiscal year 2005-06 budget we will recommend to President Kent Chabotar. Our goal is to have transparency with the Guilford community throughout the budget process.If you are interested in how the Budget Committee decides on tuition/room/board increases ,on salary increases for faculty and staff, or what capital improvements will be made on campus, be sure to come to the meeting.

We all have a stake in the future of Guilford College. The budget process, along with the recently approved strategic plan, are major determinants in what will happen in the future.

We hope to see you at the meeting.

Raymond Johnson (Chair)
Guilford College Budget Committee