Vidiots invade Bauman with a vengeance

ude, shoot the green ones, not the red ones,” says Viodiot one.
“I tried, but I was being attacked by Super Swiper, and I had only one gun,” Vidiot two replies.
And every terminal is taken.
You have not stumbled into a video game tournament; instead you’ve entered Bauman during midterms.
During highly stressful times of the semester, namely midterms and finals, people churning out last-minute papers, writing power point presentations and doing research on NCLive are using every computer. Oh yeah, and some are occupied by people wasting everyone’s time and space with fantasy video games.
I have never been a big fan of video games in the first place. Especially the ones not named Madden. The land of mystery and final fantasy does not draw me in like, say, reality.
If someone wants to play video games, that’s fine: in their dorm rooms, not in Bauman during times when students need the computers for school work. For real though, who can try to save the world from rampant cyberbats for hours on end?
I know I can’t; I can barely keep my eyes open on five hours of sleep, let alone none due to being up all night saving humans from extinction.
The vidiots who live and die with fantasy video games lack common courtesy and Bauman-during-mid-terms etiquette. They seem to misunderstand the reason they’re actually here. It is not to play video games and do six-foot bong rips for four years. You are supposed to learn a thing or two, produce a well-written paper now and then, graduate and enter a job or career you’re passionate about.
It’s not the fact that vidiots are time-wasters, space taker-uppers, or have no sense of reality that pisses me off. I hate the way many of them react when you let them know you need the computer for work. Their bloodshot eyes look up at you like you just interrupted the Pope. “You just made me pause level nine of Waterbucket Battalion X-Live? Level Nine!”
Oops, how dare I?
“I’m sorry, I am just trying to finish an unimportant take-home midterm for my senior IDS. How could I be so insensitive?”
In my previous years here the problem was small. The ‘no gaming’ signs used to actually deter some vidiots during midterms and finals, but no more. The number of vidiots is growing; they must be recruiting heavily.
I do not have the solution, I don’t know of an anti-gaming filter that can be installed for the Bauman computers. To be fair to gamers, maybe there can be a small gaming-only portion of a lightly used lab, say the one in the basement. The only thing I can say is thank goodness I am graduating, just one more gaming season to get through.