A High School Antiwar Perspective

It is unfortunate, that the actions of our current U.S. “president” are stripping the students and youth of the United States of the pleasures of boundless curiosity, irreverent inquisitiveness, and creative oblivion. We can no longer afford the emotional luxuries of our usually carefree adolescence. Not when the cost is our futures and the futures of those who will succeed us. We must fight today to secure tomorrow, for the youth of the world. It is clear that George W. Bush prizes military
conquest and the economic expansion thereof over
educational progress, internal economic progress, and global civil rights and liberties. 270 billion dollars has been budgeted for this war alone, and there is talk of future wars once this one is completed, if even that be the case. This nation’s hands are already covered with the innocent blood of the Guatemalans, the Puerto Ricans, the Cubans, the Japanese, the Koreans, the Vietnamese, and many others. Blood placed there in our name by our military, without our support. This planet is our planet; the war budget is our money. It’s time we protect what’s ours.

Do not be fooled by the heavily-marketed right wing agenda. If George W. Bush was really concerned with civil rights and liberties, the Patriot Acts wouldn’t exist. This entirely unjustified and immoral war is based solely on the advancement of the U.S. economy, which has recently reached a point where it could almost teach us some humanity and respect for the less
fortunate around the world. The U.S., it seems, has a knack for avoiding these types of situations.

And so, we raise a glass to Sisyphus with every
election, every war, every lesson unlearned. I can imagine his desire to see over the top of his hill, to rest for just enough time to take in the view. Imagine his surprise when he sees all the people of the world straining to push their own boulders up an endless stretch of hills.